About Us

We are Philip and Cindy Wilt and live with our amazing pack of hounds at our home and small hobby farm located in Mobile County, Alabama. We have owned and bred PBGVs since 2007 and GBGVs since 2012. 

Our dogs enjoy running and playing on several grassy acres and are first and foremost well-loved members of our family. All babies born at Talus are whelped inside our home and raised amongst all the craziness that comes with living in an active home and hobby farm. Puppies are lovingly handled and conditioned from birth and we pride ourselves in our puppy-raising techniques, producing well-rounded pups that are prepared to confidently take on the world. 

Talus-bred dogs have enjoyed great success in the show ring, earning multiple Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show honors and success in all areas of performance competition. We strive to produce dogs that are not only beautiful but are healthy, happy, intelligent, and true to their breed type and heritage.